About us

We have caring and compassionate leaders who seek to equip believers in the Lord with the tools they need to serve God and their communities for God’s glory. Together they shepherd the flock of God’s people endeavoring to serve with humility, dedication, and passion for spiritual growth and revival.


Pastor Ed Cortez

Pastor Ed Cortez is the Senior Pastor of Faith Family Worship Center. He is passionate about equipping God's people for service and desires to see them grow into disciples who will disciple others as well. He is a graduate of Liberty University who majored in Psychology with special focus on Marriage and Family. He and and his wife, Cathy, have 4 children: Shekinah, Adrian, Joshua, and Caleb. You may contact or e-mail him at ed.cortez@ffwcchicago.com


Dr. Archie Agngarayngay

Dr. Archie and Sis. Lolet Agngarayngay are the founders of Faith Family Worship Center. Their love for God, passion for the ministry, and great care for God's people are very much evident in their nearly 30 years of serving in God's vineyard. Pastor Archie is a retired medical doctor who is currently the Pastor Emeritus/Pastor-At-Large of Faith Family Worship Center. He remains active in the ministry as a Bible teacher and he preaches once a month. He and his wife, Lolita, have 4 children and 11 grandchildren.


Pastor Warren Fleras

Pastor Warren Fleras is currently our Youth Pastor. He is a an Engineering graduate of Lyceum of the Philippines University. But his passion is to see our young people grow spiritually and lead them to Christian maturity. He is also a Bible study group leader and as a member of the Praise And Worship Music Ministry leads in Sunday worship. He and his wife, Ruth, have two children: Eli and Eunice.