Psalm 7

Vacations can be very expensive but they are all worth it when you spend time with family and loved ones When grandma and grandpa get to see their grandchildren then it’s priceless! Got up one early morning and spent time with psalm 7. Here’s some of its treasures:

David was a mighty warrior and a courageous man who would never back down from a good fight – certainly a character trait a man named Goliath wished he knew in advance. Yet in Psalm 7 we notice that just like the rest of us David also has his own fears and insecurities. “Save me from all those who persecute me and deliver me,” he confesses, “lest they tear me like a lion.”

David looks around and takes cognizance of the destructive force of evil brought upon by his enemies. HIs cry for justice is captured in words tinged with a sense of desperation, “Arise, O, Lord in your anger…Oh let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end.”

Here David clamors for justice against his enemies. But justice is elusive in a world infected by sin and where evil runs rampant. This is where a just judge must arise, a strong, perfect judge who will demand accountability and administer real justice. And it is to this judge that David runs to and implores to act on his behalf, “Rise up for me to the judgment you have commanded!”

With all the trouble we are seeing in the world today there is a palpable feeling of hopelessness that evil seems to triumph over good. David feels it too. But then he realizes that there will be a day of reckoning. “God is a just judge,” he surmises, “and He will sharpen His sword. He bends his bow and makes it ready.”

Yet even as justice awaits the evildoers, mercy is always available to the humble and repentant. Yes, He is a just judge but He is also a merciful judge. He was the One who removed His royal robe, voluntarily took the death penalty of a guilty verdict, and paid the ultimate sacrifice.

By nature we are all enemies of God because of our rebellion. But God offers reconciliation through the death of His Son. A prisoner doesn’t have to continue living behind prison bars when a way out has already been provided. A judicial notice that legitimately sets him free has been made available through the cross.

It’s called John 3:16. (Written: 21JULY2016)